Report damage

Report damage

Contact information of the claims department:

Meeùs Assurantiën
t.a.v. schade afdeling
Postbus 3234
4800 DE Breda

Meeùs has their own specialized claim handling department and as a result we are able to provide personal en quick claim handling procedures.

In case of windscreen claims no policy excess is applicable if the vehicle is taken to Carglass or autotaalglas.

For damages to the vehicle, when repaired by a Meeùs selected body repair shop, no policy excess will apply.

Meeùs has special agreements with authorised body repair who will:

  • Repair your vehicle to maker’s standards with a written guarantee.
  • Provide you with a free rental car during the period it takes to have your vehicle repaired.
  • Have the repair costs transferred from the company into their account so you need not worry about any financial transactions.

In case of windscreen claims check with Carglass or autotaalglas.

No policy excess is applicable. Just show them your green card and the claims with be dealt with directly.