Architectural report

Building report

Building Report

You have seen a beautiful house and would like to make a bidding. Your can substantiate your bidding properly with an architectural inspection. A building or purchase survey describes all defects, technical shortcomings and lack of maintenance of the house. Aon works with various building surveyors. This way you can take advantage of a favorable rate for such a survey.

Advantages of a purchase survey

  • You receive an overview of the repair and maintenance costs in the short and long term
  • Survey by is made by an independent surveyor
  • To be included as a resolutive condition in the purchasing contract
  • The report meets all requirements of National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG)
  • This report strengthens your position in negotiations

Moreover, it is a legal obligation to obtain information about the shortcomings of a house before you buy it! What is being tested?

  • Facades, masonry, jointing and lintels
  • Roof, roofing, gutters, chimneys
  • Foundation and crawlspace
  • Sewerage, ventilation and piping
  • Windows, window frames, doors and door furniture
  • Walls, floors and ceilings
  • Paintwork
  • Kitchen, bathroom and toilet
  • Installations for heating, hot water, electricity (no check on defects)
  • Garage, barn and other outbuildings associated with the house
  • Water pipes of lead, asbestos suspected material and traces of pests

During the purchase inspection you may walk with the inspector. This will give you an immediate idea of any defects and costs. Also, you can spot your questions to the inspector.

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