Is it wise to switch?

Is it wise to switch?

Term life insurance premiums decreased

Does this also apply to me?

In recent years, the premiums for term life insurance dropped dramatically. This is partly due to the increasing life expectancy and competition in the insurance market. As a result, it may be that you are currently paying too much for your current term life insurance.

What are the options?

If you already have a term life insurance, it is in most cases possible to transfer to another provider. You have the right to cancel your current insurance. Our consultants can inform you if switching in your case makes sense.

What can Aon do for you?

We can quickly and easily create a market comparison for you. This results in the best possible premium in the market. Of course we also take care of the application process for you. Is your policy pledged to the mortgage lender? We ensure that this is settled with your bank. For our mediation and market comparison we charge € 250,-. We'll only charge you for this amount if you apply for a new insurance policy. If it turns out that there are no cheaper options for you and you will keep your current insurance policy, then our service is free of charge.

Wat can you do?

Please contact our experts, they tell you what options are available. Our advisors can be reached on telephone number 088 810 81 60 or via e-mail: leven.kroller@aon.nl. When you're not yet a costumer at Aon, please make sure that you keep your current policy statement ready.