Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Avoid worrying about money for you and your family

Have you ever wondered what happens to you or your family if you or your partner passes away? Besides the heavy emotional time , this can also have financial implications. Maybe there is a loss of income, while you still have to pay the fixed costs. Suddenly the mortgage or rent must be paid by one person. Or additional cost are made for child care or domestic help.

Legally, there is hardly anything arranged regarding financial support for relatives in case death. To reduce these risks, you can take out life insurance. The payment in case of death can be done at once or periodically.

In recent years premiums for such insurance dropped. Therefore it might be interesting to convert existing insurance policies into new ones. The financial advisor of Aon will gladly inform you about the options.

What are the financial consequences for your family?
Did you know that you can easily see what your family receives when you pass away? De Stichting Pensioenregister created the website Mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl. After logging in with your DigiD you can view your personal situation.

Benefits of Life insurance through Aon

  • Duration and cover can completely be adapted to your personal financial needs
  • We compare the service providers for you
  • Our life insurance specialists give you expert advice
  • Advice doesn’t stop after taking out the insurance. Adjustment to future needs
  • Competitive premium

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