Supplementary pension

Supplementary pension

Build financial reserves now, to enjoy later

After your retirement it would be nice to live your life as you are used to. But do you know how much pension you need and whether you save enough pension? Many persons have a pension gap, without being aware of it. Numerous causes , such as changing jobs or a divorce can cause a pension gap. Tip : you can easily view your accrued pension on Mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl.

It is therefore wise to supplement your retirement payment. This can be done in several ways.

Benefits pension supplement

  • Extra income in addition to your pension
  • Choice between insurance , ( bank) savings account or investment
  • Ability to supplement your pension gap over the last years
  • Tax benefits *

Building financial reserves with tax benefits
The premium or purchase price for an annuity , can be stated as a deduction on your tax return. Each year you can deduct a specific amount, called the ‘jaarruimte’ or annual margin. To profit from this your premium or annuity payment should be paid on 31 December in the same year at the latest.

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* Attention! To be entitled for deduction, your premium or purchase price must be paid by 31 December. Previously it was possible to deduct the payments until 1 April in the following year. As of 2011, this is no longer possible.