Start advisory process

Start advisory process

To provide you with the best possible remedial advice, we collaborate fully with Meeùs. This means that a number of statements only mention Meeùs, but in these cases you should read Kröller. This also applies to the application module.

Only available in Dutch
The remedial advice through our website module is only available in Dutch. If you wish to receive support in filling in this module in Dutch, you can ask our specialists to help you. You can reach them at phone number 070 342 24 69 or via email

Important instructions for completion:

MeeùsThe application module asks you to enter the number of the policy for which you are requesting remedial advice.

Please always start the policy number with “KRO”. For example, if your policy number is 123123, you should enter: KRO123123.

Start the remedial advisory process by clicking on the link below. First go through the information about the investment insurance remedial advisory service. This will explain exactly what we can do for you. Then complete the questionnaire (client and risk profiles).

Start the remedial advisory process