Investment insurance remedial advice

Recovery advice

Investment insurance remedial advice

We can well imagine that you don’t know exactly what to do with your investment insurance. Exchange rate results and the whole discussion around profiteering policies make it very difficult for you. You have various options to determine whether you can achieve your savings targets. We will be delighted to help you to make the right choice. We offer you this in the form of remedial advice.

What is investment insurance?
Investment insurance is a form of life insurance through which a capital sum is built up through investments. How large the sum built up will be at the end of the policy period depends on the value of the investments at that time. Investment insurance is nothing more than a name for life insurance in which you invest rather than save.

What is remedial advice?
Remedial advice is advice to clients with investment insurance and aims to advise them whether and how they can still achieve their original target. If you have an investment insurance policy, you may be faced with lower returns than you expected. The capital that you intend to build up, for example to redeem your mortgage, for your pension fund or for a major expense, might not be achieved.

Remedial advice can have the following outcomes:

  • An increase or reduction in premiums.
  • Suspension of premiums.
  • Switching of investment fund(s).
  • Redemption of investment insurance (conditions will, however, attach to this.)
  • Reducing or increasing death cover, or removing it from the policy.
  • Removing the incapacitation contribution waiver from the policy.
  • Continuing without change.

Remedial advice only addresses the original investment insurance. Adjustments within this policy are covered by remedial advice and are thus free of charge. However, a number of things are explicitly not covered by remedial advice, and are not free of charge:

  • Advice and market comparisons for a new product or separate cover.
  • Administration for the new product.
  • Agreement or negotiation with the insurer over the extent of compensation for profiteering policies (“woekerpolissen”).
  • Choice of a new mortgage type.

Would you like remedial advice?
You can start the remedial advisory process here. Note: the recovery advice through our website module is only available in Dutch. If you wish to receive support in filling in this module in Dutch, you can call our specialists.

First read the information about the investment insurance remedial advisory service. This will explain exactly what we can do for you. You can then start the advisory process.The procedure consists of four steps:

  • Complete your client and risk profile(s). This is a questionnaire. It should take you about ten minutes to complete.
  • We will ask your insurance company for your policy information.
  • We assess how well your client and risk profile correspond with the policy information.
  • We phone you to help you to make the right choice about your investment insurance. You will also receive these results by e-mail, so that you can consider them at your convenience.

Remedial advice for your investment insurance is free of charge. As long as it concerns the ‘original’ investment insurance, you will not have to pay anything. If you ask us to do more than provide remedial advice, you will pay an hourly rate of €125 for our services. This amount excludes VAT.

Together with Meeùs, Kröller is part of the Unirobe Meeùs Groep, a division of Aon. To provide you with the best possible remedial advice, we collaborate fully with Meeùs. This means that a number of statements only mention Meeùs, but in these cases you should read Kröller.

More information?
Contact our specialists at 070 342 24 69 or

You can start the remedial advisory process below. Please note that the questionnaire is in Dutch. Please call us if you need any help filling in the questions in Dutch. We advise you to read the instruction very carefully. This will enable us to give you a better service.

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