Funeral insurance

Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance

We do not think about it daily, but what happens if you pass away? You want to minimize the arrangements that your family has to make. It would also give some piece of mind if they don’t have to worry about the financial settlement of the funeral.

An average funeral today cost about € 8,000,- In 20 years this would be twice as much. It is therefore wise to settle your funeral on time.

Aon compares different insurance in the market . For example, you can choose between an insurance which pays a sum at once or which delivers predefined services. We compare on the basis of the premium and conditions, but above all based on your specific needs. In this way you receive appropriate advice and save you time and money.

Benefits Funeral insurance through Aon

  • We compare for you, this saves costs and time
  • Insurance is based on your wishes
  • Choice of payment in sum at once or predefined services
  • In most cases you don’t pay a premium for children

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