Embassies, consulates and International organizations

Our services

As an employee of an international organization you have to deal with laws and regulations of the country where you work. The Dutch law is extensive and often complicated. In addition, certain exceptions may apply to you. When it comes to insurance, it is often difficult to determine what would be wise to de. What about your health costs in the Netherlands? And is it possible for you to save for a retirement? In short, what would be wise for you to insure and what not?

Our insurance
Kröller knows the market and advises you the best suitable solution in for your personal situation . We provide advice on both personal and business insurance.

For example insurance for:

  • Buildings and inventory
  • Cars
  • Liability company
  • Collective travel
  • Group health insurance
  • Pension

In our brochure 'Tulips, cheese, and … insurance' you can read more about the services which Kröller offers.

Advice in your own language
Besides our website, online insurance and policy conditions , our customer service is also bilingual: English and Dutch . In addition, our advisor speaks fluent French and has many years experience in insuring embassies and international organizations . That means that you can communicate in your own language. This results in advice, which will be a lot easier to understand for you.