Motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance

Cover for damage to clothing and helmet up to €750 is included free with full bodywork cover. You may also opt to insure these items along with other forms of cover. Do you have a second motorbike or scooter? The same discount will apply.

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All levels of cover available at low premiums. Are you looking for third party or comprehensive cover for your motorcycle? You can choose from three levels of cover:

  • Third party motorcycle insurance
    This legally compulsory insurance covers you for the financial consequences of any damage which you cause to others with your motorcycle.
  • Third party and limited bodywork motorcycle insurance
    The compulsory third party insurance, plus compensation for damage to your motorcycle caused for example by theft, fire or a collision with an animal
  • Third party and full bodywork motorcycle insurance
    A policy like this means that in addition to the cover provided by limited bodywork insurance your motorcycle is also covered for damage you cause yourself, for example through a collision, a skid or if the machine falls over.

Our motorcycle insurance policies include all kinds of benefits, including free cover up to €750 for damage to clothing and helmet with full bodywork insurance. Navigation equipment is covered by both limited bodywork policies and comprehensive motorcycle insurance.

Please note: Registering or deregistering a motor vehicle with the RDW involves costs. That is why we charge € 11.13 policy costs (including insurance tax) when changing, ending or taking out an insurance policy.