Liability insurance

Liability insurance

  • Worldwide cover
  • A low premium, meaning low cost liability insurance
  • The entire family is insured
  • Speedy, personal service
  • Insurance against damages up to €2,500,000

Accidents will happen
It is always possible that you will cause someone else to suffer damages, and that they will seek to recover these. The costs can be extremely steep. We therefore recommend that you arrange personal liability insurance cover. Aon's personal liability insurance is a good option, with low premiums and very extensive cover.

Private individuals
It's bad enough that you have been responsible for causing damage, but at least with our personal liability cover you are assured that you won't also be confronted with a financial blow as a result. Our liability insurance policies cover both property damage and personal injury.

Economical liability insurance
Like all the policies we offer the premiums for our liability insurance are highly competitive. You can take either €1,250,000 or €2,500,000 as the insured amount.