DAS legal assistance insurance

Module B: Consumer and Housing

As a consumer or homeowner you may be faced with many conflicts. Imagine a neighbors quarrel over the property boundary, an incorrect renovation of your property or injury due to medical mistakes. The module Consumer and Housing assures assistance in the most common conflicts.

What is insured?

Legal assistance in case of:

  • Disputes concerning pension
  • Disputes concerning social security
  • Damage claims
  • Disputes on consumer contracts (for example, a utility company or (web) shop)
  • Buy and sell (optional), hire, maintenance and renovation of your home
  • Neighbors law, inheritance law, and family law
  • Injury due to medical mistakes
  • Criminal prosecution for death or injury by negligence
  • Disputes as unpaid director of an association or foundation
  • Child support
  • Temporary rental of your own home in the Netherlands