DAS legal assistance insurance

DAS legal assistance insurance

The DAS legal assistance insurance consists of four modules that you can combine as you wish: Traffic and Travel, Consumer and Housing, Income, and Tax and Capital. So you can compose your insurance according to your wishes and situation.

Advantages of DAS Legal assistance insurance:

  • No deductibles
  • Extensive coverage
  • No waiting period (existing or anticipated conflicts are excluded)
  • Discount for singles
  • Possibility of insuring disputes about child support and divorce mediation
  • Personal and professional legal help
  • Telephone advice service is free

Extra module: Owned Immovable Property

Do you choose the module Consumer and Housing? Then you can expand your insurance with the additional module E: Owned Immovable Property. The modules are:

Module A
  Traffic and Travel
Module B    Consumer and Housing
Module C
Module D 
  Tax and Capital
Module E 
  Owned immovable property

Product conditions of the DAS Legal Assistance Insurance: