ARAG legal assistance insurance

ARAG legal assistance insurance

Legal assistance insurance of ARAG consists of six modules. Module A is the basis of this insurance. The other modules are extensions.

Advantages of the ARAG Legal Assistance Insurance:
  • You choose the modules that suit you
  • You choose which amount you wish to insure
  • No waiting (excluding existing or anticipated litigation)
  • Discount for singles
  • Personal and professional legal help
  • Free telephone advice service

Stack your modules

You can not combine the modules of ARAG themselves, it is only possible to stack them in a specific order. For example, you can choose module A, or module A and B or A, B and C, and so on. Modules E and F, can be chosen as from the first two modules (A + B). Note: If you want to close Module F, then you should also take module E.

Module A 
Module B 
  Consumer & Living Protection
Module C  
Module D
  Tax and Assets
Module E  
  Owned immovable property
Module F  
  Real Estate rental

Product conditions of the ARAG Legal Assistance Insurance: