Legal assistance insurance

Legal assistance insurance

Why choose legal assistance insurance?

A neighbourly dispute, conflict at work or a new kitchen that never arrives. These things happen. So what should you do, and equally important, what should you avoid doing? With legal assistance cover you are insured for legal assistance at a competitive rate.

More legal disputes

In the Netherlands, more and more disputes are dealt with legally. More than half of the Dutch has a legal assistance insurance. A lawyer cost around € 150, - to € 200, - per hour. A legal assistance insurance costs about the same amount, yearly.

With legal assistance insurance, you can obtain quite easily legal advice. In this way you are sure about your rights and options. If necessary you will receive support from (specialized) lawyers in case of writing letters, negotiating, personal injury and assistance if your case is brought to court.

Which legal assistance insurance?

There are several legal assistance insurances, with different coverages. We can help you in choosing the insurance that best suits your situation and your wishes, based on quality and price. We monitor the solutions in the market continuously. We opt for the legal assistance insurance of DAS and ARAG.