Holiday home insurance

Holiday home insurance

Holiday home insurance

  • Low premiums
  • Structure your holiday home insurance to suit your needs
  • Personal service
  • Glazing is covered as standard with all risks insurance
  • You can also insure a holiday home with a thatched roof with Aon

Insure your holiday home
You naturally want to get maximum enjoyment from your holiday home, and Aon offer policies for second homes or holiday homes with that very much in mind. With holiday home insurance you need have no worries about your second home.

Insure your holiday home online
A holiday home policy from Aon means no more anxiety about your second home. The policy covers virtually any damage you can imagine, including break-in, fire and water leaks. You decide whether you want limited, extended or comprehensive cover for your holiday home.

The level of the premium will depend on the following factors:

  • The existing risk
  • The reconstruction of your holiday home
  • The location of the holiday home
  • The required level of cover

Easy premium calculator
It's easy to calculate the level of your premium with our handy ready reckoner. Just fill in your details and choose the level of cover you require.