Classic Car

Classic car insurance

Classic Car insurance

  • Insurance available for cars 15 years old and beyond (semi-classic and classic car insurance)
  • Navigation up to €500 is covered by limited and full bodywork insurance
  • Repatriation to the Netherlands in the event of damage abroad

Is your classic car the love of your life?
And is your first car insured with Aon? Classic car insurance will be ideal for your vintage vehicle. If your classic car is more than 25 years old and you cover less than 7,500 kilometres a year in it, classic car insurance may be just what you are looking for. This insurance is not intended for a vehicle you use for home-work travel.

Economical Classic Car Insurance
Various levels of cover are available with our classic car policies, but our aim is always to keep the premiums as low as possible.

Third party classic car insurance
A policy like this covers you for damage you may cause to other persons or vehicles with your classic car.

Third party and limited bodywork classic car insurance As well as damage to third parties this policy also covers damage to your classic car due to fire, theft or windscreen damage.

Third party and full bodywork classic car insurance
This type of policy covers virtually any damage to your vehicle.

Semi-classic car insurance
Semi-classic car insurance is intended for cars between 15 and 25 years old which are driven for less than 7,500 kilometres a year. They don't officially qualify as classics, however you can still insure such a car through us at a highly attractive rate. Our semi-classic car insurance is part of our range of classic car policies.

Please note: Drawing up, amending and cancelling policies for vehicles involves more actions for us than any other type of policy. That’s why, unfortunately, we are forced to pass on some of those costs to you. You pay €11.13 in policy costs (including insurance tax). These costs apply to car, moped, micro car, motor bike, mobile home and vintage car insurance policies.