The International Motor Insurance Card

The International Motor Insurance Card

The International Motor Insurance Card (formerly known by the name green card) proves the validity of the compulsory liability insurance of your car, motorbike, campervan, moped or scooter abroad. In most European countries an International Motor Insurance Card is not necessary. In some countries, however, you do need a copy printed on green paper.

If you no longer have the International Motor Insurance Card we sent when you took out the car insurance, or if your card is no longer valid, you can obtain a new card online in My Account. Download this card and save this on your smartphone or tablet or print it. If you can’t print it, or you prefer to receive the International Motor Insurance Card by post, request the card from our customer services: klantenservice.kroller@aon.nl / +31 (0)70 342 24 59.

You receive the International Motor Insurance Card only once

You receive your card when you take out a new motor vehicle insurance or if you change your vehicle insurance. Your International Motor Insurance Card is sent to you by post or email (in PDF format). The card is no longer sent annually. If you need your card, you can find it online in My Account.

Valid for 13 months

The International Motor Insurance Card is valid for 13 months. If you received the card by post or via email, you can download a new card in My Account after these 13 months. If you have downloaded an International Motor Insurance Card, check whether it is still valid. If not, you can download the card again.

The International Motor Insurance Card is often not required

Only in Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Tunisia and Turkey, a driver still needs an International Motor Insurance Card on paper. As from the 1st of July 2020 you can also print this on white paper. The print should be clear, without smearing or fuzzy text and should be printed straight on good quality paper. Always use paper that is white on both sides. A digital version is not valid.

In the other European countries you do not need to have the card with you physically. You may also prove the insurance cover with another document. The advantage of an International Motor Insurance Card is that the data can be read easily and without technical aids, knowledge of the language of the country of origin. That is why we recommend that you download the card on your smartphone and take it with you when traveling.

On the country map you can see for which countries you need to have the card with you on paper and for which countries it is sufficient to demonstrate that you have insurance cover.

Caravans and trailers

Caravans and trailers are usually covered on the liability insurance of the vehicle to which they are coupled. This means the vehicle’s International Motor Insurance Card also applies to caravans and trailers, even if you have taken out special caravan insurance.

Sometimes, however, you will need to request an additional card for the caravan or trailer. You must do this in the following cases:

  • The caravan or trailer is heavier than 750 kg.
  • You are travelling with the caravan or trailer to Germany, Poland, Portugal, Croatia or Spain.

If your caravan or trailer meets one of these specifications, you need an extra card. If you are travelling to countries in which a digital version of the card is sufficient, then a digital version is also sufficient for the caravan or trailer. If a paper version is mandatory in the destination country, then it is also mandatory for the caravan or trailer.