Camper van

Camper van insurance

Camper van insurance

  • Insurance cover applies when lending vehicle to family or friends
  • Navigation equipment up to €500 is covered (with limited or full bodywork cover)
  • Vehicle contents and awning/tent can also be included in cover

Insure your camper van
Do you drive a new or secondhand camper van? We have economical policies to suit every camper. Choose the cover that suits your situation. Like to include your tent/awning? Or the complete vehicle contents? It's your choice. Our camper van policies also cover the garaging of the vehicle.

There are three levels of cover to choose from:
1. "Third Party" insurance for camper vans. This level of cover is mandatory in many countries, including the Netherlands. Any damage you cause to third parties with your camper van is covered.
2. Third Party and Limited Bodywork cover for camper vans. This includes the mandatory third party cover plus cover for damage to the camper van from external causes.
3. Third Party and Full Bodywork cover for camper vans. A policy like this will cover you for the majority of potential damages, whether caused by yourself or others.

Please note: Registering or deregistering a motor vehicle with the RDW involves costs. That is why we charge € 11.13 policy costs (including insurance tax) when changing, ending or taking out an insurance policy.