Do you have a complaint?

A good relationship with our customers is very important. Yet it may happen that you are not satisfied with us. Pleas inform us immediately, and we will help you to find a satisfying solution.

You can send your complaint to :

Kröller Assurantiën B.V.
Attn Menno Sombroek
Postbus 3623
4800 DP Breda

If we don’t succeed in finding a satisfying solution, then you can submit your complaint to our Board for reconsideration.

Unirobe Meeùs Group B.V.
Attn Compliance
Postbus 30840
3503 AT Utrecht

If we still haven’t found a solution together, then you can further discuss your complaint with various organizations. You will find them below.

Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening / Complaints Institute for Financial Services
Is your complaint about a financial product or financial service ? You can turn to the Complaints Institute for Financial Services ( Kifi ) . Kifid assist you if you have complaints about insurance, mortgages , loans , finance and investments.

Kifid can be reached via:
Postbus 93257
2509 AG Den Haag
Telefoon: (070) 333 89 99

You can also file a complaint through the Online Dispute Resolution.

Next steps
Do you disagree with the opinion of the Kifid? Then you can submit your complaint within three months to the Disputes Committee of the Kifid. The amount of your complaint must be at least € 100,-. The disputes committee usually states a binding decision for both parties. Kifid is obliged to execute this decision. Usually, the handling of the complaint by the Disputes Committee costs € 50,-. If Kifid states that the complaint was unfounded it will cost € 100,-. If you (or we) do not accept the decision of the Disputes Committee, you can submit your complaint to the Appeals Committee.

Stichting Klachten en Geschillen Zorgverzekeringen / Complaints and Disputes Foundation Health Insurance
Is your complaint about your health insurance ? Please contact the Independent Complaints and Disputes Foundation Health Insurance ( SKGZ ) in Zeist . The Health Insurance Ombudsman covers basically all complaints. He tries to resolve the problem by mediation. If this won’t bring a solution, you can then submit your complaint to the SKGZ. With the available information, SKGZ will issue a binding recommendation. This means that everyone ( you and we ) must adhere to this opinion. SKGZ chareges a fee for this advice. The correct amount can be found on

The Ombudsman and the SKGZ can both be reached via :
Postbus 291
3700 AG Zeist
Telefoon: 088 - 900 6 900

Civil Court
After consideration of your complaint by the SKGZ, you can submit your complaint to the Civil Court. The judge will investigate if the binding decision has been reached in the correct way.