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Advice and mediation

Kröller is insurance adviser. Your adviser will charge fees for financial advice and mediation. These costs are not included in the price of a product. You will receive a separate invoice for the costs you pay for financial advice and mediation.

Kröller's advisory and mediation activities take place under the name Kröller Assurantiën B.V. Kröller Assurantiën B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce The Hague under number 27019527. The VAT number is NL002411672B01.

Kröller Assurantiën B.V. is an affiliated institution of UMG Verzekeringen B.V. and part of Aon. UMG Verzekeringen B.V. is registered with the AFM under number 12008358.

Power of Attorney

Kröller works independently. That means we compare hundreds of insurance and mortgages annually. To make it easy, we offer you a selection of the very best products. Of course, fully tailored to your personal situation and wishes.

We are fully committed to prevent conflicting interests (conflicterende belangen) with UMG Assuradeuren B.V. and follow the NVGA Quality Standards (Kwaliteitsnormering) on this. To this end, we adhere to the 'Protocol Volmacht' by the NVGA and the Association of Insurers (Verbond van Verzekeraars). Want to know more about Power of Attorney? Then go to UMG Assuradeuren.

Kröller service guide

We would like to inform you about our services to you. We have developed a service guide for this.

Kröller Service Guide

General delivery terms

If you apply for a product or service via or at Kröller, our general terms and conditions of delivery will apply.

General delivery terms